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My name is Jessi Dodge and I am a photographer and photojournalist currently based out of Columbia, MO. Originally, I am from a small, rural town in Eastern Colorado where I learned to love storytelling, specifically photography. I have a passion for learning about the life of working in agriculture and even more broadly how we as humans interact with the vast and powerful world around us. 

As a photographer with an academic background in photojournalism and editing, my primary goal is to bring an element of honest storytelling into every project I do. Whether it be editorial, marketing or personal, I want to offer my clients a finalized collection of images that are beautiful, impactful and storytelling.

My experience has strong roots in publication photography for both newspaper and magazine platforms, and further stretches to corporate marketing. I love interacting with the people around me, specifically through the lens of photography. I would love to hear more about your experiences or your interactions with my images so please reach out to me at the phone number or email below or any of my social media networks to talk more about you and any collaboration we could do!

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