Man Behind the Music

After a few weeks and after shooting the pieces that we ACTUALLY needed for our story, we have recompleted our video on Hans Heruth, an MU student composer who created, crafted and helped perform an opera with the University. After some technical difficulties on our original submission that changed our goals with the project, we were able to re-plan and re-craft to match our new vision.

We changed mindsets a couple different times but ended up on a combo of why music is a part of his life and how it has translated into this project and this opera. I feel endlessly better about this final product then I did about the last one and I really like the progress and collab that happened on this section of the project. The video editing felt much more streamlined once we sat down and actually started putting material together. There are a couple changes that I would like to make just for minor fixes that I just found this morning but generally I liked this. 

I enjoy multimedia a lot and video work a lot and this really just made be feel more confident about moving forward and doing more video work. 

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