Complicated Stories

Looking for a larger more complicated picture story this week, I chose to look at collections about the border with Mexico. With a constantly changing and developing set of challenges and problems seen along the border, I wanted to see what the most recent collection of images would reflect. 

The package I chose is a story compiled by the New York Times titled ”Where Fear and Hope Collide: Images from the Mexican Border and Beyond.” The package was published in March of this year and were photographed by Azam Ahmed. The topic is obviously photographed all the time and while I don’t think this is my ultimate favorite package on the topic, I enjoy the combination of both storytelling and visual quality in a series of images that makes a huge huge huge topic understandable. A story that I wouldn’t know how to entirely cover from one end to the other of the spectrum is brought to reality in these images. We see everything from the before a journey and the people who are making the journey and why to what can happen if caught, alive or dead. We see the story from both sides of the border with emotion after emotion.

I find the order of the images particularly interesting as it seems rare now that we open a series immediately with very graphic and visual death. Transitioning into more safe (comparatively) and intimate moments and then back to travel and issue again.

Portrait/Personality Package

Multimedia Brainstorming

GROUP PROJECT TIME!!!! As we begin to look forward to our multimedia project, my mind is spinning with all the sounds I love and trying to figure out which are worth full projects and have actual value beyond my personal enjoyment. Here goes with the three I first nailed down as options: 

TRANSLATOR: Languages, as we have talked about, fascinate me and I love the idea of how knowing different languages and the process of learning languages affects how one interacts with different people and the world. Could be really cool to show the way in which the different languages become present in different parts of life and how they might change interactions with different people. 

AUCTIONEER: While less exciting possibly in visual appeal, the audio appeal of working with an auctioneer would be wonderful. Maybe an exceptionally tight face shot of him or her while they are running an auction, to emphasize the speed and motion of their mouth could be a really cool opening shot. 

LATE NIGHT BUS DRIVER: Could be an interesting look at how working overnight in a job like driving a bus - which could be seen as socially satisfying or dissatisfying depending on the individual. A single interview running over the top of a trip or two on the bus/leaving/getting home/traveling could be interesting. 

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