My Turn to Write

Hello! As we move into the new year and kick of a new semester I am taking on the adventure of news reporting as an Education Reporter with the Columbia Missourian. After getting my newsroom boots wet as a staff photographer last fall, I am now beginning the plunge of staff reporting. 

Within education, I will be working with reporting Higher-Ed. Living in a town that lives and breathes higher education, there will be no shortage of ideas to come from the campuses of the University of Missouri, Columbia College and Stephens College. 

As a clear member of the visual journalism community, I am excited to begin challenging myself to speak more with words and text than photography and multimedia. I am excited to see where the semester takes me and stay tuned for the many lessons to come.  

Revamping in 2018

As I move into 2018, one of my main goals is to push myself to develop and maintain this blog. In the past I have avoided blogs as I saw them as the one extra place for personal-reflection. Now I am excited to utilize this for that same reason that led me to avoid them before. 

This “first-of-the-year” post features another first for 2018: the first Kiowa, Colorado lions club pancake breakfast hosted on January 7. The breakfast is held on the first Sunday of the month from August through May. Sponsored by the Kiowa Lions Club and served by members of the Kiowa Middle and High School’s band and choir, the pancake breakfast is an opportunity for community members to catch up every month over good food and long conversation. 

The crowd waves in and out as incomers arrive on either side of the local churches’ services. Bacon is fried, orders are matched to assigned playing cards, and family updates are passed around the room for hours. The January breakfast is especially known for the return of old friends as college kids home for the holidays and family and friends in town for the New Year stop by to eat and catch up with the community. 

Some More As a Sophomore

Some of my favorite images from the 2016-2017 school year… Or check out some of my work with The Maneater. 

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